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06 December, 2014

I wouldnt call it the finishing line

سْــــــــــــــمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمَنِ الرَّحِيْـــــمِ

Apa khabar orang diseberang?

Ok, ok. First of all, SPM dah habis.
Second, I'm now officially a what we call, Penganggur 24/7.
Third and last, Its boring okay, not cool. Not cool.

Well I must admit, I was happy the minute I left dewan peperiksaan (for me its just bilik darjah) right after I finished my Biology Paper III. Think of it. No more stay up all night studying. No more uniform (which i hated the most). At last, a night where I dont have to worry about anything neither how Biology would kill me nor how Sejarah would definitely mocking me with Facts. 25th November habis exam and we were asked to kosongkan asrama paling lambat malam 26th. I could not explain how i am both, happy and sad at the same time. Schools over why shouldn't i be happy about it right? Saying goodbye is the sad part. Well its not easy to say goodbye to those who we had been with for like 2 years, through thick and thin, do stupid stuff together. Its not easy. Or atleast easy said than done.

Malam last tu we were all like, doing throwback. It went pretty well i mean everyone was laughing eventho we all knew we were all sad inside but we just don't want to show it cause it will only ruin the night. Not everyone was into this throwback thing, some more prefer spending the night by watching movies together. Kalau korang masuk bilik gosok kitorang, korang boleh nampak there were like 3 laptops playing different movies at the same time and bilik gosok tu memang crowded i don't even know how they all could survive in there.

Now its the hardest part. Bids goodbye. Pagi tu one by one yang parents datang mari ambik and i was like, bye, bye, byeee. My parents lambat sikit maklumlah kemaman ke kuala terengganu tu takes 2 hours driving. Nasib baik duduk kemanan je. Kalau dah parents dari kuala lumpur tu? Mau tak naya 8 jam duduk dalam kereta. Mau cramp bontot.16 jam pergi balik. Boleh ada kanser bontot mungkin. Oh yeah, sambil tunggu parents masing masing we all was like "why dont we take infinity selfie maklumlah bersempena hashtag #100 mencipta kenangan dah habis." And the selfie session goes on until masing masing punya parents datang pungut (pungut is kinda rude word tapi biaq pi ah)

And now, I'm being a professional penganggur dekat rumah. I need a job ahhhh susah ah camni hidup dalam dunia dimana majikan taknak ambik warganegara sebagai pekerja. Ish salah warganegara jugak, dah bagi kerja mintak gaji lebih lah, curi curi tulang lah. Kan kerja dah kena rampas dengan bangladesh vietnam semua.

Hah melutut lah ko sekarang.

Oh btw, eventho SPM is over, I wouldnt call it the finishing line. Uni or many more awaits. A goodluck wish is all that i need.

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