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06 January, 2015

I must be joking

سْــــــــــــــمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمَنِ الرَّحِيْـــــمِ

Ok I know this sounds odd, but I do, I really do miss studying.
Hahaha  but im serious.

Seeing my younger sister studying (cause she got UPSR to deal with this year) sparks something inside me, reminds me of how me myself hated studying last year. Hated the way studying gives me pressure I cant deal with, Hated that I cant beat them who I wanted to beat dearly and hated that the fact I had been beated by a person who used to be below my ranking. All of it just makes me feel like im a total idiot and no matter how hard and how determined I was in studying, I cant beat them.

But now, I miss all of that.

Because, because, I may had forgotten to actually take the moment and make something good out of it.
Because I had only seen the negative in everything without giving a chance to positivity to emerge itself.
Because I was completely blinded by my ego, I acted like a dick.

So for you guys who is still have school to attend to, here is my little advice, its not much but i believe it will come handy for you guys. So that you would not ended up being like me.

1) Start your day with a smile, spreads the positivity. Then you can have a cheer life ahead, unless there's a dickhead who doesnt know manners, you need to handle them well.

2) Stop being alone and Start appreciate your life more, You know what they say "Take the moment and make it perfect"? For me lah, Theres no such thing as 'perfect moment', only a person who sees the happiness from the darkness of time and convert the negativity into something good, a pure happiness.

3) The most important thing is, spend your time mostly making memories with your friend cause in the end, thats the only thing that stays forever in between you guys.

I have nothing else in my mind, well im not a good adviser myself. I hope my lil advise did help you out surviving your year in school.